Wandering Sardinia

The privacy policy of Wandering Sardinia.


Updated Sep 01, 2023

We respect the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and this policy explains how we collect and treat any information you give us.

Why we value your privacy

We are sticklers for privacy; we’re committed to keeping your personal and business information safe. We’re uncomfortable with the information that companies, governments, and other organizations keep on file. We’ll never use your personal information for any reason other than why you gave it, and we’ll never give anyone access to it unless we’re forced to by law.

How we collect information

When you email us you voluntarily give us contact information including your name and email address so that we can reply to your inquiry.

We collect your email address when you sign up for one of our newsletters.

Our website software doesn’t use cookies or scripts that were designed to track the websites you visit. We don’t use native social media ‘like’ or ‘sharing’ buttons which also build profiles of your internet activity.

When you visit the Wandering Sardinia Site, we, our advertisers, and our service providers acting on our behalf automatically collect certain data using tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. By themselves, cookies do not identify you specifically. Rather, they recognize your web browser.

What information we hold

When you contact us by email or through our website, we collect your name and email address and any other information you voluntarily supply.

If you sign up for a newsletter, we only collect your email address. You have the option to unsubscribe from these communications and we won’t send them to you again.

Where we store your information

When you contact us by email or through our website, we store your your information in an offline email program. If you sign up for a newsletter, we store your email address in BirdSend, which is the marketing and newsletter platform we prefer. We chose BirdSend partly for their commitment to security.

Who’s responsible for your information at Wandering Sardinia?

James Martin, our Writer, Webmaster and Privacy Champion, is responsible for the security of your information. It’s a very small site with servers in the United States of America. You can contact him by email at travelcurmudgeon@gmail.com if you have any concerns about the information we store.

Who has access to information about you

When we store information in our own systems, only James Martin has access.

The steps we take to keep your information private

The computers we use are protected by a passcode. Our mobile devices are also protected by fingerprint recognition.

How to complain

We take complaints very seriously. If you’ve any reason to complain about the ways we handle your privacy, please contact James Martin: Email Us

If we change the contents of this policy, those changes will become effective the moment we publish them on our website.