Wandering Sardinia

Villasimius in the southeast of Sardinia hosts the festival of the Madonna del Naufrago, the Madonna of the Shipwreck, in mid July.

Villasimius and the festival of the Madonna del Naufrago.

Updated Feb 17, 2019

Sardinia’s festivals are some of the most spectacular you’ll ever see. If you want to come to know Sardinia, much of your knowledge will come via the festivals.

Villasimius is the scene of the Madonna del Naufrago, or the Madonna of the Shipwreck, held on the second Sunday of July. The main act of the festival that honors shipwrecked sailors comes after a procession to the “Isola dei Cavoli” (The Isle of the Cabbages), where divers lay crowns of flowers on the head of the sunken statue of the Virgin with the Infant Jesus, made of pink trachyte, a work of Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, the man who makes rocks sing. The statue is 11 meters under water, but visible from the surface using just a diving mask. Did I mention the clear waters off Sardinia’s coast?

You’ll also see traditional Sardinian costume and dances during the festival.

Villasimius is in a very interesting position in southeast Sardinia. It is being developed for tourism, and you’ll find golf courses and beaches along the many kilometers of shoreline. Find a user-rated hotel in Villasimius

To get an idea of the history of the place, you should visit the museum built in the old fortress as well as other attractions in Villasimius on a hill not far from Capo Carbonara.

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