Wandering Sardinia

Spring is a time to have sea urchins in Sardinia, especially in Alghero. Look for special ricci de mare menus.

It's Sea Urchin time in Alghero

Updated Dec 19, 2020

Many of Alghero’s restaurants this time of year have special ricci di mare or sea urchin menus this time of year. We had some great food at Andreini, and the picture below shows the chef performing some slight-of-hand magic on seafood pasta cooked in a bag. While it looks that his hands are moving so fast they’re a blur, in actuality he was just adding some raw ricci to the pasta. it was the best dish of the night, in this writer’s humble opinion.

andreini chef
Andreini Chef puts raw Ricci on pasta

Andreini has a well-deserved Michelin star. It serves some of Sardinia’s unique specialties; the cheese plate Martha and I shared was an interesting assortment of 9 or ten cheeses, not a single one of them boring—and rivaling our best experiences with cheese (from Piemonte or anywhere in France).

Unfortunately, Andreini is gone, but the ricci di mare aren’t forgotten.

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