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The car rally of nuraghi is held in a charming old village called Berchidda, which happens to have a wine museum. Try the vermentino!

Rally of Nuraghi and Vermentino 2012

Updated Dec 19, 2020

Sardinia is a totally different place. Perhaps you are not getting my drift. In America we are so silly with our “freedom” that we are not allowed to talk about fast cars and alcohol in the same sentence. In Sardinia they celebrate the start of the tourist season by sending specially prepared cars to race against the clock on dirt roads that snake between ancient Vermentino di Gallura vineyards.

The rally championship will be held on the 23rd and 24th of June 2012 in Berchidda, a charming old village located just a few miles from Olbia. Reclining at the foot of the Limbara Mount, Berchidda unveils an unusual Sardinia to those who want to discover the beautiful landscapes of the inland areas. ~ A Rally in Sardinia for exploring Nuraghi and Vermentino wines

Berchidda has a Museum of Wine to visit.

If you’ve never seen a rally, well, you’ll really think Italian drivers are crazy. Perhaps you’ve never driven this fast at night:

Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino official site (in Italian)

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