Wandering Sardinia

The songs of the Sardinian northwest are expertly sung by the wandering Coro Stellaria de Santu Nigola.

Songs from the Logudoro: Coro Stellaria de Santu Nigola

Updated Aug 23, 2023

The Logudoro is a swath of Sardinia that encompases Alghero, Porto Torres, Sassari and Bosa in the northwest corner of the island. In the east it bumps into the Barbagia. It is volcanic and fertile. Cork oaks thrive here; the last of the Griffons skim the blue skies. Come in September, when the less hearty party-going tourists have begun to thin. The archaeology of this historic territory traces the story of Sardinian civilization back thousands of years; the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju reflects ages from the neolithic to the bronze age.

Logudoro Landscape south of Alghero

Coro Stellaria de Santu Nigola from the Logudoro village of Budoni sing the traditional songs of the territory. We encountered them while strolling the waterfront of Alghero after an evening aperitif at the Cafè Latino.

A friendlier music group you’ve never encountered, I’m sure. They sung for us on a perfect September evening along the waterfront. They are extraordinarily good, I think. See and hear for yourself in the video.

Stellaria de Santu Nigola: songs from Logudoro

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