Wandering Sardinia

Map of all the rail lines on the island of Sardinia, with information on the green tourist train, Trenino Verde.

Sardinia Rail Map - Ferrovie della Sardegna

Updated Jan 25, 2019

Below is a rail map of Sardinia showing the lines for the Ferrovie dello Stato, the state rail lines (in black), and the touristic Trenino Verde, the green trains (in green).

sardinia rail map
Map showing train routes in Sardinia

As you can tell from the map, the traveler in Sardinia can get to most of Sardinia’s major cities on the train.

Train travel in Sardinia is relatively slow, as the area tends to be mountainous and most of the lines consist of only a single track. Delays can occur when a train is late in the opposite direction and your train has to wait for it at a station.

The touristic train, the Trenino Verde is a new service that takes scenic routes to many smaller towns in Sardinia. There are currently four lines:

  • Macomer – Bosa
  • Isili – Sorgono
  • Sassari – Tempio
  • Mandas – Arbatax

If you have a large group, you can even charter a particular train.

The green trains do not run frequently. There is a schedule here, which includes information on chartering a train in English. Here are the fares.

You can check the schedules on the regular train lines at Trenitalia

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