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For my money, the most evocative hotel restaurant in Sardinia is Su Gologone, and it sits pretty in a wild corner of the island, all prickly with things to experience.

Su Gologone

Updated May 10, 2019

You will invariably start your journey to Su Gologone by heading for the town of Oliena and continuing on, following the signs. Su Gologone is a rustic luxury hotel set in the countryside but it’s also the name of a spring, Sorgente Su Gologone. The spring is the starting point for a short mountain river that flows into the Cedrino river, which you can kayak.

I tell you this because first time visitors to the hotel might motor on by the hotel entrance, ending up a short way away in the parking area for the spring. We did, and it wasn’t our first time. It’s easy to go back and find the road and the odd rock that marks it as the place to turn for this extraordinary hotel.

Su Gologone Hotel Location Map

su galgone location map
Su Golgone Location Map

If you’re just stopping at the hotel for a meal, make it Sunday lunch. It’s traditional for families to go out on Sundays after church. Get there early. Take pictures of the hearth from which your traditional meats have been roasting. Enjoy the food, which is quite reasonably priced for a relatively expensive luxury hotel.

su galgone meats roasting
Su Golgone Roasted Meats

Besides the meat, perhaps you’ll want to stick your fork into something soft, a ravioli with the island’s cheese and gathered herbs:

Ravioli with Cheese and Herbs | Su Golgone

Su Gologne Hotel has long been devoted to immersing its guests into the world of Sardinian arts, crafts and cuisine. If you stay, you’ll find also that they offer outings to the top sites for their overnight guests. We recommend a visit to Tiscoli—an hours walk on an ancient path of the charcoal makers leads you to Tiscali, a fantastic, ancient village built inside a crater.

Dating back to the early nuragic age, it held forty ancient huts, mostly circular, some rectangular, combined into two areas against the walls of the mountain. The route to this enchanting site starts at either end of the valley and the trail is a walk through nature, time, and emotion. ~ Villaggio Nuragico Tiscali

Or you could head back to that parking lot and rent a kayak for an excursion down the valley cut by the Cedrino river.

There are hiking trails from here as well. Just in case those calories seem suddenly too much.

Su Gologone

Reserve a room or find out more about the hotel: Su Gologone Hotel

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